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The Kentucky Girl Candle Store

is here for you!  

We make handmade, all natural, soy blend wax, scented candles with a wide 

variety of scents and fragrances for any occasion, holiday and season.

We are so excited to be of service to you in your candle needs!

A Winter Wonderland

The Winter Season is upon us now.  It's a new year and everyone has new dreams and goals they want to pursue.  Our goal hasn't changed.  We want to provide you the best handmade smelling candles with the best friendly customer service.  Candles are great all year round, but I think there is something extra special about a candle glow that has wonderful smelling fragrance in your home during the dark and cold Winter months.  So go light one of our candles, make yourself a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa and find a great book to snuggle up with.  That's our prescription to deal with the winter blues...


About Kentucky Girl Candles

Kentucky Girl Candles Mission

We are a new candle company from Meade County, Kentucky that is committed to create handcrafted scented candles, made with quality, all natural ingredients, with a wide variety of fragrances that would enhance any environment or occasion.  Either as a gift for someone special 

or just treating yourself, because you too are special! We hope our scented candles bring you warmth from a golden glow and a special fragrance that will bring you much joy.  We also offer wholesale purchases for any business who would like to feature our candles at their stores.  We have some business clients that are quite happy for their customer's own response and purchases of our scented candles.  You can email us at for more information.



For My Kentucky Girls...

I’ve always wanted to create something special in honor of my 3 daughters.  Just like all our scented candles, each of my daughters radiates their own kind of light and style, that brings so much joy and love in our family’s lives.  

The Kentucky Girl Candle Store is dedicated to them.  -Jennifer Huther, Founder